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NASA discovered 7 Earth-sized planets and everyone made the same Trump jokes

NASA discovered 7 Earth-sized planets and everyone made the same Trump jokesFinally — some good news. NASA has found what pretty much appears to be a backup solar system a mere 40 light-years away. And not a moment too soon. SEE ALSO: NASA may put astronauts on the first flight of its new mega-rocket Scientists discovered seven Earth-sized exoplanets circling a dwarf star, TRAPPIST-1, and everyone on Earth is ready to sign up for a one-way ticket to the new system. (Using current technology, it would be nearly impossible for humans to get to the planetary system, however. #Thanks2017.) Image: NASA/JPL-CALTECH Everyone also immediately made the scientific achievement about the 45th president. With seven new worlds suddenly available, the possibilities seemed endless. Earthlings could send Trump to the new system. He could mess up these exoplanets before destroying Earth. Or we could all flee to these new worlds and leave Trump behind. Twitter was filling up with Trump and TRAPPIST-1 jokes as soon as NASA made the announcement. Trump just announced that we're building a giant space barrier around the Earth, and we're going to get planet Trappist-e to pay for it — Jason Mayland (@JaymayAllDay) February 22, 2017 Trump administration announces plan to build wall around #TRAPPIST-1 system. — Mike Spry (@mdspry) February 22, 2017 In breaking news. President Trump is set to announce terrorist attacks at Trappist-1. #fakenews #swedenincident#fakenews — Kevin Read (@kevread21) February 22, 2017 Trump drawing up plans to build a wall around Earth and make TRAPPIST-1 pay for it #nasa — justdermo (@Bryan_Dermody) February 22, 2017 Let's Leave the Earth to Trump and Putin. May they battle it out. We are flying to #Trappist ! — Udo Nobili (@udoAugenAuf) February 22, 2017 #NASA We should shift to Trappist immediately before Trump goes mad and starts another World War — Saleh Ahmed (@SA_Ahmed_Saigol) February 22, 2017 NASA you baes! Now just find us a way to send Trump to TRAPPIST-1 and we're sorted for life! — Jacob Edward  (@Radio_Jacob) February 22, 2017 You knw NASA can always send trump to TRAPPIST-1 just to check whether its safe or not. Really... do dis.. send him....away... rn — monica. (@monicakasana) February 22, 2017 Better chance of finding intelligent life 40 light-years away, than in the #Trump administration. #justsaying #trappist @NASA — leonard (@leonard_obrien) February 22, 2017 Has Trump already tried to convince Nasa to change the name Trappist into Trumpist? — Ilaria Mainardi (@Blanche012) February 22, 2017 Some poor soul from NASA explaining Trappist-1 to Trump right now. — Ian Higgins (@ianhigg) February 22, 2017 Now we just need to decide which planet to go to once the forces of manmade climate change make our own Earth uninhabitable. Dibs on Trappist-1f. BONUS: The first manned hoverbike could finally fulfill your 'Star Wars' dreams

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